relief (plural reliefs)

  1. the removal of stress or discomfort
  2. the feeling associated with the removal of stress or dicomfort
  3. something that relieves
  4. the person who takes over a shift for another
    Officer Schmidt can finally go home because his relief has arrived.
  5. aid or assistance offered in time of need
  6. (law) court-ordered compensation, aid, or protection, a redress
  7. a type of artwork in which shapes or figures protrude from a flat background
  8. the difference made noticeable by a variation in light or color
  9. (geology) the different elevations of the earth"s surface


6 letters in word "relief": E E F I L R.

Anagrams of relief:

Words found within relief:

ee eel ef el elf er ere erf fe fee feel feer fer fere fie fiere fil file filer fir fire flee fleer flier flir free if ire lee leer lei leir lere li lie lief lier life lifer lire re ree reef reel ref refel rei reif relie riel rif rife rifle rile

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